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You're ready to become a homeowner.  Now, what?  Before embarking on the house hunting phase, it is suggested that every buyer consider some financial pre-planning in order to be well prepared for the moment when that perfect home materializes.


Below is a list of 10 recommended guidelines that every real estate buyer should adhere to in order to secure the house of their choice and without delays.  Click each one for further explanation.


Should any of these "commandments" be inadvertently overlooked, don't panic, just contact our experts at Harris Homes Texas Team for guidance in helping you recover your standing.

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Ten Commandments

  • Why Ready to Sell?
    Homes are rarely ready for the market as-is. Through Ready to Sell, you can prepare your home for the market without up-front costs or hassle. Imagine a buyer walking into a turn-key, move-in-ready home versus a home that they'll need to renovate themselves. You can utilized Ready to Sell to paint the house throughout to refresh the look and feel. Use the program to update the flooring to match the current market trends. Ready to Sell can also be used to tackle pre-listing home inspection items. We can do it all!
  • What homes qualify?
    The Ready to Sell program is a great fit for most homes! There are only a couple of disqualifiers: complete tear-down projects, and/or incomplete new construction. Additionally, we don't add square footage to a home.
  • When does the homeowner pay back the money that was fronted?
    Homeowners will pay back the funds when the home sells.* *The program offers a 0% interest for 12 months plan. If not sold in 12 months, financing will follow the agreed upon payment schedule.
  • What kind of projects are approved?
    Utilize the Ready To Sell program for flooring replacement/repair, deep-cleaning, cosmetic renovations, landscaping, interior and exterior painting, roofing repair, kitchen improvements, bathroom improvements, and more! The Ready To Sell program can be utilized for most services with the absolute exceptions for foundation repair, homes needing extensive renovation, septic work, and the creation of additional rooms (adding square footage).
  • How can I get started?
    Contact us today, your Keller Concierge Certified Agent! We'll discuss all of your options and get you on your way to your next home!
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