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FIND A House and MAKE IT YOUR Home

At Harris Homes Texas Team, we want to do more than just find a space for you to live in, we want to find a property that every client would be happy to call home.  With a growing list of options throughout Texas, we’re sure there’s something for you.


  • Use our search tool below to find the perfect home for sale or for rent, keep scrolling down to see if any of the properties match your specifications.

  • Home inspections are the best way to see what's "under the hood" and highly recommended.  Contact us for free guidance in Preparing for a Home Inspection, so that potential surprises are minimized and your real estate transaction stays on schedule. 

Through our extensive network, we regularly have access to several private and unpublished real estate listings for interested Buyers, Sellers, and/or Investors.  Contact us for a private tour or more information.

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